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What is a deep tissue massage?
A deep tissue massage is just what the name says - it is a massage that focuses on the deep tissue in the body. This can be tissue that is scarred or injured somehow, causing pain, or it can be used as a preventative measure. To reach the deep tissues in the body, the practitioner will use several methods, including pressure on certain points with their fingers, knuckles, or possibly massage tools. Another method that may be used during a deep tissue massage is heavy effleurage (this can be accomplished bythe therapist using their body weight to apply pressure with their elbows and forearms).

What are the benefits of a deep tissue massage?
Just like any other massage, there can be many benefits to receiving a deep tissue massage. These benefits are varying, and can include the following:

•  Relaxation
•  Pain relief
•  Release of toxins that the tissues may be holding
•  Promotes healing in chronic muscle pain

Are there any negative aspects to receiving a deep tissue massage?
The main thing that patients need to be aware of when receiving a deep tissue massage is that the massage releases toxins into the body from the massaged tissue. This means that the patient needs to drink plenty of water for a while after the massage to flush their body of these toxins so they don’t make the patient sick.

What happens during a deep tissue massage?
There are several different forms of deep tissue massage, so what will happen during each treatment will vary accordingly.

Most will start with lighter pressure, and move slowly into the deeper effleurage. It must be done this way because, if deep pressure is applied immediately, the muscles will automatically tighten for protection. This could result in more pain and possibly injury, so the massage therapist will instead begin with less pressure and slowly start the deeper techniques.

Most deep tissue massages will not involve any type of oils or lotions, because there isn’t much gliding or stroking of the skin.

There are many benefits to receiving a deep tissue massage. Start enjoying these benefits immediately by scheduling your deep tissue massage today.


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