James V. Garza R.M.T.
(832) 483-3512
James V. Garza R.M.T.
  My clinic is located in Houston, Texas. The clinic is mobil throughout the Houston area. If you would like to make an appointment please call or email me.

  I am totally committed to helping my clients reduce their levels of stress, and live a pain free life.

  My clients come from stressful environments. They stand or sit all day and have chronic pain in their neck, arms, shoulders, back, legs, and feet. Some have jobs requiring repetitive motions and are suffering with debilitating and painful carpal tunnel symptoms, and in many cases, are unable to work because of the pain.
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Visits Since Janurary 2014
My new clients usually fall into three categories:
Many of them experience significant relief after from one to seven treatments, and I don’t see most of them for several months, and some ever again.
Some clients get obvious but only partial relief after the first session, and intuitively know they are doing the right thing for themselves and continue with a commitment to complete the process.
Occasionally a new client gets no relief, and I refer them to other practitioners with modalities that will hopefully help them.
•  Soft Tissue Release
•  Trigger Point Therapy
•  Muscel Release
•  Deep Tissue Massage
•  Relaxation Therapy (Swedish Massage Techniques)
•  Corporate Massage (On-Site Chair Massage)
•  Holistic Therapy

  "Soft tissue release therapy stopped the burning sensation in my neck and gave me back some of the flexibility I had lost. I am able to move my arms more freely. It was very relaxing which I appreciate because I was very tight in the neck and shoulders. The paid decreased greatly and immediately."

- Marcia M Lowe


  "I had a pain in my left hip and left arm. James worked on me for about 20 minutes and I felt like a new woman. I had more flexibility in my arm and hip. He pays attention to your complaints and works on your muscles accordingly. I recommend him highly."

- Juanita Hudson


  "I had sharp pain in my wrist from a fall I experienced three months ago. After Mr. Garza performed the Soft Tissue Release I have not experience any more pain. This has been awesome!"

- Buddy Welter 10/25/2005

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