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What is Swedish massage therapy?
Swedish massage therapy is the most commonly known and used form of massage in the United States. It is considered in America to be the most classic and basic of all massage methods (in most of Europe, this type of massage is simply referred to as classic massage), and has been the basis for many other types of massage such as deep tissue massage and more.

Swedish massage therapy is a type of massage therapy that involves five key movements:
•  vibration
•  tapping
•  kneading
•  stroking
•  friction

Using these five movements, practitioners of Swedish massage therapy are able to relax muscles and enhance oxygen flow throughout the blood.

What is the history of Swedish massage therapy?
There is actually debate among what the history is of Swedish massage therapy. Some sources credit Henri Peter Ling for the founding of the Swedish massage in 1812 in Sweden. There are other sources, however, that claim that this is an untrue credit. Instead, they say that Swedish massage therapy was developed by Johan Mezger (who is Dutch). The researchers who believe that Henri Ling was not the creator of Swedish massage therapy say that he mistakenly received credit because of transposed words. Henri Ling founded a gymnastics institute and called the movements the Swedish Movement System. It is believed that these words somehow became later misunderstood as Swedish Massage System, thereby giving Henri Ling credit.

What are the benefits of Swedish massage therapy?
Just as with many other forms of massage therapy, Swedish massage therapy can provide many benefits to the recipient. Using firm, gentle pressure, the practitioner will employ the five movements listed above (stroking, vibration, friction, kneading, and tapping) to create flexibility, relaxation, increased oxygen in the blood, and the easing of aches and pains.
Swedish massage therapists apply deep pressure to help rid toxins in the body, to help recover more quickly from injuries, and to reduce emotional and physical stress.

What happens during a Swedish massage?
A Swedish massage is what most people think of and picture as soon as anyone mentions the word massage. It is this type of massage that involves “draping” (where the patient is undressed but has a sheet covering the parts of the body that are not being worked on), and the practitioner uses oils to facilitate long gliding strokes along the muscles.

If you are stressed and in need of some relaxation Swedish massage therapy may be for you. Contact a local Swedish massage therapist for an appointment today.



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